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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Online Therapy for people who live in California

I am a licensed mental health therapist in the state of California.   Due to licensing restrictions, I do not provide any therapy or counseling to people who do not live in California.    

I specialize in helping people who are grieving, experienced any kind of loss, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and empaths or highly sensitive people.  

However, I am not your average therapist.  I utilize a holistic approach to healing.  I focus on the Mind, body, Soul approach.  

I am very eclectic in my approach to helping people in the healing process depending on what I feel will help.  I utilize traditional psychological therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and or EMDR therapy.  EMDR is one of the most effective therapies for any trauma.  Since I am also a Kundalini Yoga instructor, I teach my clients simple yoga poses, breath work, meditations and mantras to help with releasing stress, depression, grief, and trauma.   As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I also provide hypnosis and even provide past life regression with my therapy. 

I teach Mindfulness, energy and chakra work and do art therapy.  .    

If you are interested in my  holistic approach to therapy to guide you towards healing:   then e-mail me at

I accept these insurances

1) Aetna 

2) Anthem



5) Humana

6) Oscar Health

7) United Healthcare UHC

If you do not have these insurances and your insurances accept out of network, I can provide a super bill.  

If you don't have insurance or an insurance that I work with, I charge $125 for each 50 minute session.  You can pay with credit card or Zelle.