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Jennifer The Grief Medium

The Hybrid

This reading is a 50 minute Hybrid Reading that combines many of the healing techniques I know.  I will connect with you and give you information and healing based on what I believe will be the most healing.  If you have a preference of what healing modalities you prefer then let me know.    

There will be a combination of at least 2 of these modalities used in the reading (possibly more):  psychic reading, angel/guide-reading, mediumship reading, energy healing, dream interpretation, pet mediumship, and past life reading ( not the same as past life hypnosis).  

Keep in mind that for mediumship readings, I do not have control over which of your loved ones in Spirit will come through.  If there is one particular loved one in Spirit that you are expecting/hoping to come through then do not choose the Hybrid Reading.  You have a better chance of hearing from your loved one if the whole session is a Mediumship Reading but even in that reading; I can not guarantee a particular loved one in Spirit will come through.