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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Pet Medium

I have had  dogs my whole life and have always felt very connected to animals.  To be honest, I actually connect easier with animals then with people.  Animals literally soothe my soul.  In December of 2018, my beloved dog Angel passed to the Other Side.  I was devastated.  I had her for 14 years and she was my first dog that I got as an adult.  I do not have any biological children so my fur babies are everything to me.  I was so grief stricken, I became inspired to write by book Deathless: A Guide Through Grief in her honor.  

I also vowed that I would become a pet medium because I want to feel connected to my dog Angel as much as possible.   I also know first hand how healing a Mediumship reading from your pet on the Other Side can be.  This is something that I want to share to all those wanting to be reunited with their beloved pets over the rainbow bridge.  

With the help of my Angel who is helping me now from the Other Side, I deliver messages to people from their beloved pets.  Like every other aspect of mediumship, I can not guarantee your specific pet will come through but they usually do. 

If you lost your beloved pet less then 3 months ago, I ask that you wait to book a pet mediumship reading until after 3 months of their crossing.  Your beloved pet can communicate with you within a second after they pass.  However the grief you have after losing someone is very intense and vibrates at a low level.    This intense grief can interfere with the fluidity and clarity of the readingGive yourself time to process your grief.  

If you want a pet mediumship reading, just book a normal mediumship reading with me but let me know that you also want to hear from a pet.  I will then focus my reading on the animals and pets around you as I give you your reading.  I am able to give detailed information from your pet just as if they were human because we are speaking soul to soul which has no language barrier between human and animal.  

Your human loved ones in Spirit will also be with your pets in heaven, so your reading probably will have your human loved ones too.  Yes, we can all hang out together over there.  Animals  have their own special plane in the heavenly planes which I have been lucky enough to visit but we all can intermingle in heaven  whenever we want to.   Animals are highly evolved spiritually and literally come to the earthly plane to guide and help us humans.   I can honestly say, if it were not for animals I don't know what my life would be like.  They have taught me unconditional love.   Currently I am a dog mom of 4 fur babies who are rescues.  

I do not read for pets who are still alive on the earthly plane.  Sorry, I do NOT find lost pets.