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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Learning to Live with the Loss Healing Workshop

When? 6 consecutive Wednesdays from 6:00pm- 7:30pm PDT

Cost?    $150 total

What is 

this workshop?  

This is a 6 week consecutive workshop to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  

I created this 6 week course based on the 12 step "Learning to Live with the Loss" Action Plan from my book; Death less: A Guide Through Grief.   This class is a holistic workshop that focuses on the mind, body, and soul.  This workshop is a cumulation of my experiences of being a grief and end of life social worker since 2004, being a Spiritual Medium, and being a Yoga Instructor.   I also share some of my knowledge as an energy worker.  This class will include education on grief, group discussions, live guided meditations, breath work, and mantras.  It is OK if you have never meditated before.  I will teach you how to become more attune to your energy and chakras.  I will also discuss signs from the Other Side and help you to better recognize signs from your loved ones in Spirit.  Every workshop member, will also receive remote reiki to help with the healing process.  

Where is this workshop?

This workshop will be held online via zoom.  It is recommended that you are alone in a quiet room while attending the workshop where you can listen without any distractions.  Workshop members must have their video's on at all times.  

Who can Attend?  

Anyone over the age of 18 who has experienced a loss of a loved one can attend this workshop, even if you lost your loved one many years ago.  However if you lost your loved one less then 2 months before class starts, it is recommended that you do not attend.  It may be too difficult to participate in the workshop.  This workshop is interactive;  it will include class participation and some homework.  

Every person who attends this workshop must register for class.   Please e-mail me with any questions.  To begin the registration process e-mail me and I will put you on the wait list.  Once I get enough people on the wait list then I will send you a pay pal link to officially register.  Once you pay for class,  you are officially registered for the workshop and I will send you the zoom link.   

Disclaimer: There are no refunds once you register for the workshop.