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Jennifer The Grief Medium

Grief 101 Workshop for the professional Medium

Are you a professional medium or training to be a professional medium? 

 Being a professional medium means that you work with many people who are grieving.    

Would you like to know more about grief and how to work as a medium with people who are grieving?   

In addition to being a professional medium trained at Arthur Findlay College and mentored under the best mediums in the world;  I am also a licensed clinical social worker.  I have a masters in social worker from the University of Southern California.  I am also a licensed therapist in the state of California.  I have worked as a licensed clinical social worker/mental health therapist specializing in grief and trauma since 2004.  I've worked in the ER with family members of patients as they unexpectedly passed or right after they passed. I've worked with grieving family members in the ICU as patients are given CPR and do not survive and as the patients were taken off of the life support ventilator.

I've worked in home hospice and home palliative care working with terminally ill patient's and their family's  towards the end of their life. I provided individual grief therapy to the families of the patients I worked with. I have worked as a therapist in the outpatient clinic office and have run grief support groups for almost 2 decades. I currently have a  part time private practice providing individual therapy specializing in grief and trauma.  

I can truly say I specialize in grief and trauma. I have created this course specifically for the professional medium.    

 After this class you will learn:

1) What grief is and how it affects the mind, body, and soul

2)The biggest myths of grief

3)What not to say to client's who are grieving

4) What you can say to client's who are grieving

5) Tips for working with people who experiencing intense grief

5)Self care for the professional medium

    Grief 101 Workshop for the professional medium

BUY the 2.5 hour recording 

Cost: $40 USD

To purchase the workshop E-mail me @[email protected]