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Jennifer The Grief Medium

What is Spirit Art?

Evidential Spirit Art or Evidential Spirit Portraits

Spirit art is art inspired by Spirit.  Evidential Spirit Art or Evidential Spirit Portraits is art which is  drawn of loved ones who have passed to the Other Side.  This art is channeled from Spirit.  There is also non-evidential Spirit Art which are drawings of people's guides and angels.  

The Spirit world is a magical and amazing place. I never drew/painted/colored faces or anything else until, I saw a vision of myself drawing/painting for Spirit. This vision then inspired me to try to draw Spirit and suddenly I could draw/paint when I was never able to before. So my journey with Spirit continues.  

In addition to giving an evidential mediumship reading, I am now drawing  loved ones in Spirit.  Sometimes the drawing is of the person in Spirit I am communicating with,  Other times I draw someone that the Spirit person wants me to draw.  This can be someone the Spirit person knows who is still alive on the earthly plane or someone who is in Spirit.  I don't always know who I am drawing.    

Often the drawing is of the Spirit I am speaking to but it shoes them at a younger age then the sitter knew them.  Spirit likes to show themselves when they were young and healthy, when they had many fond memories, or when they were the age that I am telling their story.  Just like every other aspect of Mediumship, I CAN NOT guarantee who I can draw for the reading, it is completely up to Spirit.  

Spirit art is an additional piece of evidence to the mediumship readings I provide.   Spirit Art drawings are drawn for 50 minute mediumship readings.  Spirt Art is not drawn for 30 minute readings.   

All of the drawings I provide will be signed and dated by me.  They are my property and will be shared on my website and social media accounts.  

If the sitter wants to give me a photo of their loved ones in Spirit to validate the drawing I drew of their loved one, this will be greatly appreciated.  I love posting the actual photo with my drawings but sending a photo is not mandatory and is to the discretion of the sitter.