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Jennifer The Grief Medium


In every culture and since the beginning of time: dreams have been interpreted because it is known that dreams prophesize our future, guide us towards healing, and provide information to help us live our day to day lives.  

When we dream, we have direct access to our soul/higher self/ subconscious mind.  Dreams help us to have balance between our physical body, mind, and soul.  

Do you have a dream that you don't understand?  Or perhaps you have a recurring dream that is driving you nuts or a dream that is haunting you? 

BOOK a 30 minute session with me for a dream interpretation.  

(FYI,  One  30 minute dream interpretation session usually is only enough time for one of your dreams)  

Please write your dream down in detail before your session with me so that you don't forget anything.   The more details of your dream that you tell me the more detailed my  interpretation can be because dreams are multi-layered.